Aug 3, 2021

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Getting RFPs for connectivity, meeting with telecom vendors, wading through options, negotiating price, reviewing contracts, and managing vendor relationships eats up precious time CIOs and their teams may not have.

Telecom Management Benefits:

As with IT managed services, telecom management is a proven way to manage time and cost for telecom services and technology. One of the primary drivers behind working with a third party for telecom management is specialization in the industry.

Unlike a business that may work on telecom projects a few times a year with a select vendor, BlueSky IT Partners works with carriers and performs all telecom management functions daily. We know what questions to ask, and we know the potential pitfalls for telecom projects of any size.

Use Case:

One BlueSky client, a health care system with various facilities, recognized the advantages of turning over telecom to us. Managing carrier relationships was creating an unsustainable drain on internal resources. Because they only had experience with select vendors, they wondered how much room for improvement there might be with pricing and even service levels. With a new location opening, they decided to work with BlueSky for tactical telecom engagement.


After a telecom audit, BlueSky presented information on their current telecom lineup, along with its strengths and weaknesses. We shared how to address weaknesses and accommodate planned growth, ensuring alignment with their long-term strategy, and we provided recommendations. The hospital system was pleased with our analysis and engaged BlueSky to procure technology, provide implementation support, and manage telecom going forward.

BlueSky IT Partners works with clients that don’t have the IT resources or the necessary experience with telecom management. With over 160 carriers in our portfolio, BlueSky IT Partners is well-versed in the service offerings, contract language, service fees, service level agreements, and customer service of both major and regional players in the telecom market and can guild the contract process.

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