The traditional telecom carrier world is undergoing massive consolidation and reorganization. This is compromising quality customer service and sales support, and creating sweeping uncertainty about the future of carrier strategies. Many CIOs view telecom costs as a burden with too many choices, contracts, and headaches. As a result, contracts are left unchecked, and CIOs unsatisfied.

We see this all the time, and we won’t stand for it. At BlueSky, we offer a 100% Guaranteed Cost Savings when customers run a Mobility Optimization Audit through us. With decades of telecom experience and direct relationships with more than 160 global carriers, BlueSky takes the guesswork out of choosing providers, technologies, and solutions.

Proper Telecom Management is Savings Your Business Can See

As companies continue to expand their digital cloud efforts and focus on the new mobile environment, they must not take their eye off the ball of the foundational technologies in telecom. Connectivity is the foundation of all networks and will continue to be for the next 10 years. At BlueSky, we understand the fluid landscape of telecom architecture and strategy. We can help you evaluate, design, deploy, and manage all your telecom solutions.

Your phone system is the MVP of your business and no matter which type of communications solution you choose, BlueSky can help you get the most out of your investment.

“TEM services provide enterprises’ IT, procurement, and finance departments with the ability to order, provision, support, and manage costs of large-scale corporate communications and associated IT services with their inventories (such as fixed and mobile telephony and data, cloud license tracking, and emerging IoT connectivity). In addition, they provide tools required for C-level technology strategic decision making.”

Source: Gartner

Enter BlueSky.  We have been working in the telecom carrier space for over 25 years, well before the start of the company.  We understand the critical elements of having the right last-mile provider, solution, and support model to ensure uptime.  Our relationships are at the executive level in over 50 of the global providers for DIA services, cable, and wireless.  Our process is to provide the best connection, manage the installation to every milestone, make sure the billing is correct, and support your connections on-going through the life of the contracts.  You are still signing directly with the provider; BlueSky simply becomes the agent of record and can act on your behalf.

Audit  •  Analyze  •  Propose  •  Negotiate  •  Implement  •   Support

Our model allows your IT team to work on critical projects without getting bogged down in the telecom minutia, while still ensuring superb quality and service.

BlueSky currently manages thousands of connections for our clients, and we welcome sharing our client list and references.  As companies become more restrained with resources and project demands, allow us to be the block and tackling in for your connectivity.  We have a team of professional project managers and lead client service managers to support you!


At BlueSky, we understand the landscape of telecom architecture and strategy. Each client’s network is different and requires different types of solutions. Whether you need to optimize your network in part or in total, view traffic and utilization, increase your bandwidth or simply enhance your network speed, you can count on BlueSky to match you with comprehensive WAN technologies that deliver increased performance — and greater confidence in your network.

  • Software-Defined Wide Area Network (SD-WAN)
  • Internet
  • Multi-protocol Label Switching (MPLS)
  • Private lines and Point to Point
  • Broadband (Cable, DSL, Wireless 4G, Satellite and Wireless Point to Point)
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Telecom RFP/RFI Support

Requests for Proposals/Requests for Information are standard practice when procuring a new IT vendor or product. The value BlueSky brings is our relationships with executives in our 160+ ecosystem partners to bring you ideas and solutions you might not have thought of. Running RFI’/RFP’s every quarter, allows BlueSky to have the most updated information, requirements, and pricing right at our fingertips. You get a streamlined process completed in 50% less time.

Telecom Expense Management

BlueSky provides a clear picture of your current telecom spend against technology alternatives so you can make better data-informed decisions. Our Telecom Expense Management (TEM) solution significantly reduces the time and cost associated with managing multiple accounts, carriers, and providers. TEM will also optimize invoices and reports to ensure your billing is always accurate.

  • Account Management: Easily manage and reduce expenses, verify contract compliance, and recover erroneous charges.
  • Invoice Management: Consolidate billing, eliminate late payments, and gain total visibility into your telecom invoices.
  • Customized Reporting: Generate data on demand in key business areas, including:
    1. Inventory and Asset ManagementSpending and Usage
    2. Contract Compliance and Attainment
    3. Scorecards
    4. Account Level Spend
    5. Governance
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Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) represents voice over IP (VoIP) and allows companies to send and receive phone calls over their data network instead of the PSTN. With only one network to manage, SIP trunks are typically more versatile and scalable and can be shared across the company leading to better economies of scale.


”BlueSky’s work with our telecom circuits gave our team hundreds of hours back and allowed my team to work on our EFP project. We could not have moved our network to new connectivity in 60 days. BlueSky gave us time and results, and continue to support us ongoing!” – global property management company


PRI which stands for Primary Rate Interface has been a telecom standard for decades and provides voice communication over the phone network instead of the internet. This means it’s not subject to IP data connectivity to function properly which also limits security risk; although, relying on physical infrastructure can make upgrades more costly and timeconsuming.

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POTS Lines

POTS which actually stands for plain Old Telephone System is the most basic of the three options and is preferred for lower-use critical lines such as alarm systems, credit cards, and fax machines, or even elevators.

Telecom Carriers

Accessone 1
airespring 1
altice 1
apx net 1
arvig 1
atlantic 1
ATT Logo 2
BSO 1 1
BullsEyeTelecom 1
callone 1
centracom 1
chinatelecom 1
cogent 1
colt 1
comcast business 1
commandlink 1 1
consolidated 3
cox 1
cyberreef 1
dynalink 1
extenet 2
Fiberlight Logo 1 1
FirstLight logo 1
fusion 1
globalgig logo 1
Granite Logo 1
hgc 1
horizon 1
hypercore 2
itel 1
logix 1
ls networks
lumen 1
masergy 1
mettel 1
NTT 1 1
one ring networks 1200px logo
onestream networks 1
transtelco 1
rogers 1
Shaw Business 1
spectrotel 1 1
spectrum logo 1
sprint nextel logo 1
Telesytem 1 1
logo teliacarrier 1 29 19 1
telstra logo 1
telus 1
touchtone 1
tpx communications 2
Unitep 1
uniti fiber 2
usadDigital 1 1
UBButah 1 1
VeraciTY 1
Verizon 1
Viasat 1 1
Windstream 1
UnWired 1
WowB 1
Zayo logo 1
ZiplyF 1


With a 99% customer retention rate, over 20 years of technical expertise, 160+ premier ecosystem partners, and a global network of 30,000 Smart Hands field technicians, BlueSky IT Partners will help you navigate the moving target that is today’s IT landscape.

Uniting the strength of our vast partner ecosystem with the hindsight, foresight, and insight that can only come from serving the industry as long as we have, BlueSky will match the right telecom solution to your IT strategy and business objectives. Armed with Gartner best practices, we’re big picture thinkers and detail-oriented doers who measure success only by the value we’ve delivered to our customers.


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