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There’s a new kid in town! And it’s not your typical approach to mobile management. To set the record straight, to be clear, when we say mobile management, we’re talking specifically about your data and your voice services: 4G, cell phones, wireless. Anything that you get charged a voice or data plan for is considered mobile or a mobile device.

The job of the CIO is a constant tightrope between maintaining existing infrastructure, making sure that the company pursues the latest technological advances, and clamping down on uncontrolled costs. In fact, CIOs often must justify any change in a company’s technological infrastructure by first paying for it with a cost reduction somewhere else.

Enter Mobile Optimization.

During the pandemic, companies were scrambling to stay in business, set up the remote users with collaboration tools and security, and look for ways to decrease costs. By implementing mobile optimization, enterprise clients realized millions in saving for their mobility spend.

You will find hard dollar savings in your mobility costs with mobile optimization. We see it time and time again, and now the secret is out. Get hard-dollar savings even if your company recently negotiated for better pricing with their current carriers– AT&T, Verizon, Sprint/T-Mobile. Even if you have current line commitments and contracts.

Even if you have current line commitments and contracts.

You’ll even save more than a TEM (Telecom Expense Management) provider or a wireless optimization company. How is this possible, you ask? Read on:

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Two Mobility Challenges that Mobile Optimization Will Overcome

Variable Usage

First, the reason companies have such excessive costs with mobility is because of variable usage costs, not necessarily because of the rate negotiated to the carrier. Usage can vary each month because of individual behavior – travel overages, streaming data, and even non-usage.

Typically, companies address these challenges by buying expensive unlimited data plans for their employees. The fear is you’re going to incur crazy overage charges. Mobile optimization has the tools to actively track and measure what each individual employee actually needs that month.

Employee Stipends

As it turns out, research from Samsung and Oxford Economics shows that 89% of companies fully or partially reimburse their employees’ mobile expenses. In other words, you are paying for data plans related to devices that you don’t directly control. You might not even be fully aware of all the devices you’re supporting with these reimbursements.

Much more important than the kind of device is the kind of data plan it’s using. Mobile data is expensive.

If you’re like many companies who provide employees with mobile phone stipends, you’re likely overpaying and opening your employees and your company to potential security issues. The average stipend is $85.00 a user, and the average cost per user in Mobile optimization is $35-$40. Companies are typically paying double without Mobile optimization; with no control over your data – where is it, and how much is being used.

Old School Meets New School.

Mobile optimization takes TEM to the next level.

Mobile optimization considers that your data usage is variable, sometimes your teams need international calling and full data coverage, but not everyone needs an unlimited data plan. Especially not every employee in every city, all the time. You’ll get a centralized list of all your IT expenses; broken down by employee, carrier, and the kind of device. But here, we go a step future.

With Mobile optimization, we are looking at trends and usage, then proactively moving your employees and their devices to the right plan based on what they are using. All prior to getting your bill.

6 Ways Mobile Optimization is Better than Your TEM and Procurement Negotiation

1. Monthly optimization of all lines prior to the end of the billing cycle: This is the key difference from Mobile optimization over your standard TEM service. A Mobile optimization partner reviews all lines and makes recommendations to move users to different plans to optimize savings, prior to the end of the billing cycle. You don’t have any overages and get minimized non-usage plans.

Better yet, some optimization partners offer API’s into your HR or accounting software to have seamless integration with your employee counts to manage moves, adds, and changes to your lines.

2. Wholesale rates: Mobile optimization partners have partnerships with all the national carriers so you benefit from wholesale level discounts of 5-15% better than a retail client, regardless of the size.

3. One billing platform: With Mobile optimization, all your services now reside on one billing platform and you can pay the bill in one place.

4. Carrier Pooling: With Mobile optimization, you get the added benefit of deeper discounts because you can pool coverage across ALL the carriers. See all your employee/user’s data in real-time, find the right carrier for that month, and you can make the necessary changes all in one place.

5. Existing contracts: Your partner will buy out the existing contract for all your lines, with no early line termination fees.

6. No line costs or TEM costs: This one is key; find a partner that doesn’t charge you to manage each of your company lines or a percentage of savings for your total spend. A good partner won’t charge you or take back half of the money you saved.

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Mobile optimization Examples: Savings You Can See

Take the next step, schedule a Mobile Optimization Audit with BlueSky: Here’s a few BlueSky customer examples of actual savings companies are seeing after a BlueSky mobility audit:

  • An international electronics manufacturer saved 19% on their monthly bill, for a total savings of $3,890 per month.
  • A Houston-based oilfield services company was able to save $19,990 per month, for a term savings of over $1,200,000.
  • A Pennsylvania manufacturer known for building fixtures was able to save almost $9,000 a month, representing an 18% savings on its original bill.

With BlueSky, you don’t just save on your mobile costs. You also get benefits such as overnight replacements for broken devices, built-in mobile device management, and specialists to help lighten your workload. For more information about Mobile optimization and how it can work for you, schedule a BlueSky Mobility Audit today.

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