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Business is mobile so your organization must be as well. Leverage BlueSky’sextensive carrier expertise to get a handle on cellular costs, negotiate competitive rates, and find the right tools to expertly manage your mobility needs.

By optimizing mobile plans, support, and security, we have been able to save our customers more than 30% on average while giving them the flexibility to do business anywhere, at any time.

Connectivity Solutions Built for the New Workforce

BlueSky can help you evaluate and execute a wireless and mobility strategy that includes the following solutions:

4G & 5G

Speeds and feeds to fit your needs. No matter which generation of mobile networking your business runs on, BlueSky has you covered. Whether it’s the coverage you’re looking to increase or congestion you’re looking to contain, we’ll help you determine the right underlying technology and carrier provider to match your business requirements.

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Carrier Consolidation

From billion-dollar mega-mergers to strategic acquisitions that usher incumbents into new markets, to smaller providers joining forces—carrier consolidation in this industry is what one might call, a necessary evil. Just when you start to learn the rules of the game, the board gets shaken up (yet again) with new players and pieces to contend with, forcing organizations to reorient around changing regulations.

When you work with BlueSky, you work with one partner. One point of contact, accountable to your success. One team that works closely with an extensive network of valued carrier partners to bring you the best wireless and mobility solutions at the lowest possible rates. One call, and done.

Mobility Management

Managing the expenses your business has wrapped up in your Wireless and Mobility devices is a full-time job, and a costly one if you’re not watching what carriers you use, how much data your employees take up, and the difference between what services you’re using and what you’re actually paying for.

If you’re not working with a Telecom Expense Management partner, let’s start here. With BlueSky, you get one partner to manage all your vendors, all your billing, and all your devices. We start by collecting all of your billing documents and relevant contracts. Then, we create a location-based inventory of current circuits and connectivity services to ultimately deliver a comprehensive breakdown of all carriers, costs, technology, and contract terms. This is a critical first step toward uncovering hidden costs and identifying opportunities that will yield greater efficiencies and lower spending.

First, we’ll show you your savings in better partnerships and better services, then we’ll optimize your mobility usage. Take the first step.

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Wireless Mobility Optimization

Our Wireless and Mobility Optimization takes you beyond basic Telecom Expense Management, where we review your bills and make recommendations on better carriers, services, and solutions.

Optimization is key. Wireless expenses are variable costs. For example, picking unlimited plans for your employees at a higher cost when only a few employees use enough data and services to warrant the spend is a common mobility expense trap.

BlueSky Mobility Optimization is proactive mobile expense management that identifies areas of excess spending every month and makes the proper moves, adds, and changes to eliminate unnecessary costs. We see anywhere from 14-40% savings for our clients, see how much you could save:

Fleet Management

Fleet Management solutions allow you to keep the eyes of your mobile workforce, keep tabs on vehicle diagnostics and maintenance needs, and keep a pulse on your fleet performance over time. Optimizing routes and fuel consumption, integrating compliance tools, providing accurate  ETAs, and ensuring driver safety add additional insight and value to organizations that are looking for ways to drive down costs and rev up efficiencies. BlueSky can help you evaluate, deploy, and manage the telematics solution specifically geared to your operations.

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The internet of Things (IoT) is no longer the next big thing—it’s here. With smart sensors and connected devices becoming more and more commonplace, organizations are met with enormous opportunity to harness this power to modernize their business models. Most organizations understand why this is important—it’s the “what do I do next” and “how do I do it”, that can be the challenge.

Challenge is multiple IOT platforms as well. How to manage, consolidate, and make sense of the data on one platform.

BlueSky lives on the pulse of the industry and can bring the latest learnings around IoT to enable and empower your organization. We believe greater insights lead to deeper impacts.

Wireless Mobility

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With a 99% customer retention rate, over 20 years of technical expertise, 160+ premier ecosystem partners, and a global network of 30,000 Smart Hands field technicians, BlueSky IT Partners will help you navigate the moving target that is today’s IT landscape.

Uniting the strength of our vast partner ecosystem with the hindsight, foresight, and insight that can only come from serving the industry as long as we have, BlueSky will match the right Wireless & Mobility solution to your IT strategy and business objectives. Armed with Gartner best practices, we’re big picture thinkers and detail-oriented doers who measure success only by the value we’ve delivered to our customers.


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