Sep 10, 2020

Challenge:  In Houston, Texas in 2017, the city experienced one of our greatest disasters ever recorded named hurricane Harvey. There were business owners who had not seriously considered the impact of having no communication with either their employees and /or customers up to the event. Harvey cost billions of dollars in downtime. Specifically, for a large global property management company with headquarters in Houston, their premise based phone system had some call forwarding features, but their 500 employees were basically in the dark.

Solution: BlueSky worked with the CIO and IT team to investigate options to go to the cloud. Besides the obvious business continuity requirement, the client wanted options for mobility, collaboration and contact center. Also, with their sales agents using their cell phone for 90% of calls, it was important to capture this data by using a company owned DID. BlueSky worked to select the solution and vendor, make the ROI positive and contract terms favorable. We also hand-held the implementation process with our PM’s, and used our field service techs to help with the installation of the new phones.

Impact:  Client can work mobile and have the same experience as if in the office. There is increased departmental functionality with the collaborative tools for IM and desktop sharing, thus cutting cost on 2 -3 other vendor solutions. And, call routing and business continuity are in place so that no money is not lost when another outage happens.

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