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Telecom expense management is one of the easiest ways for CIOs to reduce their cost centers. In short, 89% of CIOs reimburse employees up to $50 a month for mobile devices and data plans, but there’s often no centralized accounting of what they’re reimbursing, how much their spending, and whether that spending is appropriate or can be consolidated.

Finding a telecom expense management partner can dramatically lower monthly costs—and finding the right telecom expense management partner can provide much more. Since telecom expense management is the last thing on your mind, it’s easy for costs to creep out of control without your knowledge.

Looking to Reduce your Telecom Expenses?

Take the next step, our new guide can help: The CIO’s Guide to Telecom Expense Management. Download the guide to learn:

  • how Telecom Expense Management can help reduce your costs, and
  • how to find the right Telecom expense management partner.

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