Aug 3, 2021

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While large businesses may have the resources to devote to managing telecom carriers and services during the normal course of business, mergers, divestitures, or split-ups may require a strategic deployment of IT and telecom personnel within a constrained time. Internal resources may be stretched across various aspects of a business, including real estate, technology, and networking.

Telecom Management Benefits:

During a major corporate change, outsourcing telecom management ensures that internal resources can remain focused on their core work, and telecom services and technology are right set and uninterrupted throughout the transition.

Use Case:

A mid-market company engaged with BlueSky IT Partners for telecom management during a corporate reorganization.

IT personnel were overwhelmed with the number of strategic and tactical projects involved in a corporate split-up. They were contending with multiple locations, vendors, and technologies and needed assistance with connectivity, infrastructure, wireless, data, voice, and UCaaS at multiple sites.

In some cases, organizations in the midst of business restructuring may also have new IT leadership requesting information on vendors and contracts to understand the environment. Challenging vendor relationships like poor customer service and/or high salesperson turnover may delay getting accurate information in the timeframe needed. Often information gathering is piecemeal.

In this case, the company provided multiple spreadsheets of information. Some included a listing of technology along with pricing. Others listed a site and a price but were missing technology details.


BlueSky IT Partners worked with the vendors to compile accurate, detailed information on technology, price, and location. As an experienced third-party telecom management partner, BlueSky will also secure the best lineup of carriers and services for the restructured organizations’ specific and changed needs.

We helped negotiate for the future needs of both of the now-separate entities and successfully secured a $7M savings in telecom service and technology.

Our engagement with a business in transition varies based on the needs of the company. We have the experienced personnel to handle discreet assignments or run a project from start to finish, such as procuring technology and services, clarifying contracts and solutions, helping with vendor relationships, negotiating, implementing technology, and providing support services.

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