Sep 10, 2020

Challenge: An outsourced field service company delivered consistently mediocre results for this national telecom carrier. The carrier had to constantly follow-up on technical mistakes and incorrect billing, and only had a 50-70% first-dispatch ticket completion. The carrier tasked BlueSky with improving service and efficiency in addition to completing a large end-of-year project consisting of more than 1200 sites.

Solution: With real-time ticketing and direct error-free billing, BlueSky increased the carrier’s dispatch completion rate to 98% on all first-time tickets and completed all 1200 sites in half the time — just 45 days.

  • Skilled and accountable technicians
  • Site surveys
  • Router installs and activations
  • Real-time reporting tools
  • Project coordination

Impact: BlueSky became an extension of the carrier’s project management and operations teams, increasing accountability for technicians on-site. Through this engagement, we also recommended internal process changes that continue to help the client’s teams work more efficiently.

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