Blue Sky SD-WAN Case Studies

Managing Carrier Complexity

Challenge:  A global property management company approached BlueSky just two and a half months before its MPLS contract was set to expire. Because each of the company’s 87 properties were individually owned and/or managed, these sites wanted greater autonomy and flexibility to choose the best fiber solutions, as well as robust options for data backup and service turn-up. This would involve managing multiple carriers before and after installation — with no time to spare.

Solutions:  BlueSky implemented 87 sites with 12 different carriers in 50 business days. We quoted nine carriers per site along with five technology options (FOC, EOC, broadband, cable and wireless). Additionally, our Smart Hands field technicians assisted in turning up service at 47 sites.

  • RFP management
  • Implementation
  • Data center connectivity
  • Circuit management and monitoring
  • IT field services

Impact: Our solution provided 10 times more bandwidth across all sites while drastically decreasing costs. BlueSky continues to support sites for escalations.

Moving On From Legacy MPLS

Challenge:  Looking for a scalable, more cost-efficient solution, this global enterprise client decided to move away from its MPLS network in favor of a combination of direct internet and broadband solutions. The IT department had concerns about consolidating carriers and getting reliable service to remote locations, so the client looked to BlueSky to recommend solutions, select providers and provide implementation and support.

Solutions:  BlueSky managed the RFP process, presenting seven top-tier carriers including a wholesale solution. BlueSky’s field technicians installed 110 sites in only 36 business days.

  • RFP management
  • MPLS migration
  • Implementation
  • Support
  • Billing

Impact: The new solution saved 40% — totaling $1.8 million over three years — while increasing bandwidth 600% across all sites. The new solution also improved service by decreasing hold times and increasing resolution rates with the client’s NOC.

Logistics company

Challenge:  The legacy MPLS network was unstable, resulting in business disruptions, and very costly, with egregious contract terms. Client had no flexibility for moves and changes to the network without extending the contract or adding more unnecessary costs.

Solutions:  The client leveraged existing Cisco hardware with a Meraki SD-WAN solution. BlueSky brought best of breed telecom carrier providers to an express RFP process to obtain competitive DIA, Broadband and 4G pricing for all sites. BlueSky was intregual in facilitating the selection process, obtaining client favored contract language and and supported the installations with their global smart hands field services.

Impact: The solution resulted in a 10x improvement in bandwidth, full redundancy at all sites and a 40% in cost savings. Client now had full control over the site traffic shaping, view to the IP address and application, and leveraged active / active connections at each site. Savings was 60k per month, 2.16 million over term.