Unified Communications & Contact Center

Whether you simply need to upgrade your phone system or manage a complex contact center, BlueSky can help you evaluate, select and deploy cutting-edge solutions.

Over the past decade, the number of communications channels has exploded and Cloud solutions have replaced on-premise systems as the new “norm”.  There are now Enterprise-grade and time-proven solutions for Unified Communications as a Service (UCaas) and Contact Center as a Service (CCaaS). 

In addition to traditional phone system features, Hosted solutions include complete meeting and collaboration tools that can replace current (expensive) conferencing solutions.  Also, softphones on laptops are quickly replacing desk phones and Mobility apps allow users to seamlessly handle calls from their mobile phones.  All usually included out of the box!

As technology evolution accelerates, IT leaders often find it difficult to maintain the necessary expertise to make strategic decisions for their business. BlueSky can help clear the fog and provide easy to understand solutions that are best-in-class.

Why Cloud? The Value of Hosted Unified Communications
It’s easy to grasp the benefits of a unified communications solution, but why make the move to the cloud?
Easy User Administration

In an “as-a-service” model it’s easy to scale the number of users as a business expands. Unlike premise-based communications systems, where additions, changes and upgrades are often laborious, UCaaS multi-tenant systems provide very easy-to-use dashboards and administration portals, which can easily add more users to existing software in a matter of moments.

Cost Effective

Unlike premises-based solutions, UCaaS does not require an upfront capital (CAPEX) investment. UCaaS is an operating expense (OPEX) that can ultimately reduce other inefficient operational expenditures. Per-user and per-device carrier models are usually more cost-effective and allow billing to be streamlined across all locations globally. This reduces dependency on admin staff to sort out billing complexities.

Maximum Security

Cloud-based solutions are encrypted and hosted in geo-redundant data centers. Even if the company’s local systems and network are compromised, these services will be available from any Internet-connected user or site, assuring business continuity. Additionally, most solutions are PCI, HIPAA and GDPR complaint.


It’s also easy to scale services to new sites and acquisitions. To add or remove service components in a premises-based UC system, it can require specialized hardware, hours of complicated reconfiguration and private network connectivity. With UCaaS, scaling can be as simple as checking a box and user training. This allows you to rapidly deliver critical business services.

Softphones on laptops are quickly replacing desk phones and Mobility apps allow users to seamlessly handle calls from their mobile phones. 

Dedicated Support

UCaaS and CCaaS solutions come with industrial-grade 24×7 support for any technical or user issue. For a global business, this can be an immense benefit for employees in opposite time zones. This also frees up  IT staff to support other critical and strategic business needs.

Disaster Recovery

With UCaaS, you aren’t in danger of losing mission-critical data in the event your building is affected by a disaster or outage. With built-in redundancies and remote accessibility, UCaaS assures that a business will experience less downtime. 

WHY CHOOSE a Hosted Contact Center?
  • Best overall value and functionality
  • Agility and speed when adding locations
  • Intelligent call routing that maximizes productivity
  • High-quality multi-channel customer experience (Voice, Email, Chat, Social Media)
  • Integration with CRM or databases
  • On-demand access to customer information
  • Workforce optimization and management
  • Cost effective upgrades
  • 24/7 comprehensive professional services and technical support
  • BlueSky is independent & can deliver multiple options
  • Will learn your business structure and goals
  • Will understand your IT infrastructure
  • Will determine the optimal solution
  • Will research to source the optimal supplier
  • Will implement and support the selected solution
  • Stay on to handle all customer service and escalations
  • Become an integrated part of your organization’s ecosystem

Speak to an Expert

BlueSky designs and delivers Unified Communication solutions that help organizations execute strategic goals and give our customers a competitive advantage in the marketplace. Every business has a unique set of needs and challenges. We begin with a simple conversation to make sure we meet and exceed those needs every time.

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