BlueSky IT Partners is hiring a Telecom Administrator. BlueSky IT Partners is an IT consulting company focused on providing global IT field services, telecom, and cloud solutions to mid-market and enterprise clients.



  • Work with client and BlueSky team to qualify solutions
  • Help to identify best provider for solution
  • Quote all solutions and create proposals
  • Work with individual Master Agents and Channel Managers for requests
  • Provide 3 carrier comparison quotes when necessary
  • Additional carrier or provider information overview

Timeline process of installation:

  • Escalation sheet
  • Update Status and Milestones within Smartsheet
  • Identify and document Promo qualification for smart sheet tracking
  • Keep renewal expiration up to date with all current opps
  • Obtain Required LOA for the specific carrier and BlueSky*

Gather documentation or complete contract request forms per carrier:

  • MSA
  • No auto renew
  • Cancelation requirements
  • SLA’s agreeable with product being provided
  • Contracts sent to the Carrier for order submission on their end

Client Engagement:

  • Work with current customer relationships
  • Keep action items for both parties allowing everyone to be accountable
    • Through email, calls and “what we have heard” follow up notes for each meeting
    • Schedule meetings with appropriate vendor and team members
    • Identifying new opportunities and current obstacles

Bill review:

  • Once implementation has completed the Telecom Solutions PM will keep me up to date and then I will reach out to the specific carrier to complete a bill review with large opportunity customers.
    • Address billing issues will handle with appropriate team


  • Open communication with each customer to make sure we have quarterly reviews on renewals
    • Working with Telarus and Intelisys to support back office details and work with Carriers as see fit
    • 6 Month term expiration Discussions


  • Completed like the ones we have done in the past for ABS, DI and Hines but keep that up to date with top billers for quarterly meetings
    • New opps
    • Upgrades
    • Issues
    • Renewal Contracts

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