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Who has time to find the right Telecom provider and search through contracts and usage plans? Whether it’s auditing your current Telecom usage to get real voice usage data, corralling your mobile explosive growth into a fiscally sensible solution or being your full life cycle outsourcer or advisor, BlueSky has the depth and expertise to solve your concerns and guide you in the right direction. BlueSky consultants offer the best tailored solution for our clients and we follow a process we call "Full Life Cycle Management."

Here's how it goes:

Business Discovery

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Our consultants will meet with key personnel to gather information regarding your company’s current operations and plans for the future.

  • What are the initiatives across the enterprise for IT?
  • How does your business operate and how does your company utilize technology?
  • What does "big data" mean to you?
  • Do you have a mobility strategy and/or need support for that technology?
  • How does your technology support the changes in your business?
  • How will implementing change affect your existing infrastructure or IT services?


After having a clear picture of your unique needs and challenges, we can assess how BlueSky can help. Good solutions are best devised with proper analysis and information. With a high level of understanding multiple carriers and solutions, we can bring a more comprehensive solution.

Audit & Asset Management

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In addition to gaining a strong understanding of business operations, BlueSky will also evaluate your company’s existing technology infrastructure and examine current provider contracts to find potential service gaps and identify possible savings. BlueSky can perform a formal audit including asset management, monthly spending, gaps in contract pricing and billing and overages. We will also evaluate your company’s existing technology infrastructure, and examine current provider contracts to identify possible savings. 

Proposed Services & RFP's

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If a more in-depth exploration of solution providers is necessary, BlueSky can write and manage Requests for Proposals to ensure your company’s specific technological challenges are addressed. We do not charge our clients for this service and we can promise you'll be pleased with the results. 

Contract Negotiation

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The ideal technology solution should also come with a contract that is scalable, flexible and customizable to suit your company’s unique needs. During the contract negotiation process, BlueSky works in tandem with our clients while drawing on industry experience to outline the terms that will be most beneficial. We communicate directly with potential carriers and vendor partners on our clients’ behalf, so you can be confident the agreement will support your business for years to come.



Regardless of which provider your company chooses, BlueSky can manage the project to make sure solutions are implemented correctly and in a timely manner. We provide project management support that ensures all deadlines are met and that our clients receive precisely what was promised in the contract. Our clients can utilize our 20,000+ Smart Hands technicians to support the installation and any MACs required thereafter.

Support Beyond The Sale

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Keeping up with billing issues, carrier outages and the on-going support of telecom services is a drain on IT resources and the IT department. Our seasoned Telecom professionals ensure your company is getting the services you signed up for, with the support the Telecom carriers simply cannot provide. Since we are compensated directly by the carrier instead of our client, we have a vested interest in maintaining uptime and quality of service. From on-going MAC's to faster turnaround on a carrier issue, BlueSky is committed to excellent customer satisfaction. 

Our Value

Woman SmilingBlueSky understands the landscape of the changing Telecom world to provide your company the right solutions.  It's not just about bandwidth and a product offering anymore. It's about aligning you with the "right' provider and solution that integrates with all aspects of your IT strategy.

Ongoing services is what gives our value through committed support beyond the sale. BlueSky is your lifetime advocate for any Telecom solution we offer. Our business model and compensation is directly affected by any interruption or service issue, we are dedicated and passionate about 100% uptime, communication and support for our client.

Our value is our expertise, delivery, and on-going support. These add up to your reasons to pick BlueSky!

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