Telecom Services

With 20+ years of Telecom carrier experience and direct relationships with over 160 global carriers, let BlueSky take the lead to get you answers and results!

From performing audits and assessments for your IT, to providing unbiased accurate Telecom solutions, BlueSky takes the guess work out of identifying the best carrier or carriers for your enterprise. We will give you appropriate recommendations and act as your agent in negotiating and contracting with Telecom suppliers, allowing you to realize cost saving Telecom solutions.

Of course, we help you save money on both wireline and wireless service. Most importantly, we understand how your Telecom solutions connect with your infrastructure, data center and cloud to be a true consultant though the process.

From start to finish, we assist with the full Telecom Life Cycle Management:

  • Business Discovery & Audits
  • Solutions & Proposal Management
  • Negotiate & Implement Contracts
  • Support beyond the Sale
  • Telecom Expense Management

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Telecom Process

Voice & Data Solutions

There is a myriad of voice and data services providers in the marketplace:

  • Who is the right supplier for you? 
  • How does your Telecom solution integrate with the rest of your IT? 
  • Are you getting the best price and ongoing support? 
  • How much time are you wasting managing your Telcom carrier?


This is where you can leverage BlueSky to your advantage. BlueSky contracts with over 160 of the world's leading commercial Telecommunication carriers, CLEC'S and data center providers. Our ongoing support for our clients for MACS, billing and escations make BlueSky a valuables asset for your IT department.

Hosted VoIP– PBX in the Cloud

For most clients, managing a PBX is a huge investment in resources and is time consuming. There are sunk costs in the hardware and licensing which have to be paid every 3-5 years. The traditional model doesn’t allow for business continuity or downturn in business. BlueSky can assist you in finding the right hosted solution for your business needs.

Whether leveraging your current PBX investment to add business continuity in a data center or switching to a complete pay as you go model, BlueSky offers Hosted VoIP solutions with rich feature sets including advances you expect in an Enterprise PBX.

With over 40 carrier partners and boutique hosted providers, we can offer a solution that fits your specific environment, integrate with Microsoft and apps, and give you the flexibility to scale up or down, as required.  

  • Limited on-premises hardware/software to install – lower Capital Expenditure
  • Plug'n play provisioning and simple browser-based administration
  • Unlimited usage and secure Cloud storage
  • Integrates with and enhances existing business processes
  • Feature rich with tools such as instant message and many others
  • Integration with MS Office 360 and Lync

Hosted Call Center

BlueSky ensures our call center clients with the best customer experience possible: An ACD with skills-based routing, IVR with speech recognition, CTI capabilities, reporting, call recording, and customer feedback measurement tools, along with integrated Workforce Optimization, eLearning, Coaching and Performance Management Scorecards.

Benefits to cloud based contact center include:

  • Eliminate Cap Ex and reduce operating expenses
  • Shrink deployment timeframes up to 95%
  • Increase agent talk-time approximately 30%-50% over traditional hardware
  • Simplify compliance, security and reliability
  • Maintain centralized deployment, management and control over the multi-site contact center environment
  • Cloud Capacity Provisioning: Simultaneous bursting of all layers of technology stack to deliver real-time capacity needs on demand
  • Cloud-Based Switching: Eliminate on-site switching requirements. Simplify load balancing and network topology. Improve transfer speeds and service levels.
  • PCI-DSS Certification: Simplify multi-site security.
  • Redundancy: Eliminate single points of failure.


Mobility is a royal pain point and one that we can readily and easily take off your plate! Most of our clients have no idea what they are paying for cellular service and if their carriers have given a competitive rate. They know there are savings they are missing, but the client is simply trying to keep up with the field demands and support needs of their users. And with the number and variety of new mobile devices and increased mobile applications in the enterprise, mobility usage and costs have exploded! 

On average, BlueSky saves our clients over 30% and then works to create and manage a policy for their mobile device needs. 

We work with our clients to stabilize their mobile costs, plans, support, and security. We have the essential unbiased ability to collect, audit and assess your current mobile usage and costs, and we can devise a plan to consolidate your accounts and negotiate new contracts where appropriate. In order to keep fiscal control and governance, BlueSky can design and implement automated accounting solutions for your operations. Here are our areas of solutions and expertise:

  • Overall Audit of Carriers: Implementation Team / Online Training / Quarterly Reviews
  • Administrative Support: Moves, Adds & Changes / Online Case Management
  • Monthly Analysis: Identify Behavioral Exceptions / Identify Unknown / Unassigned Devices/ Identify Zero Use Device / Resolve Billing Discrepancies / Validate Features & Rate Plans
  • Optimization: Ongoing Rate Plan & Feature Optimization / Implement Approved Recommendations 
  • Reporting: Client Managed Device Profiles / Consolidated Billing / Cost Allocation for Pooled Devices /  Electronic & Manual Data Load / Online Dashboards & Dynamic Reports / Online Generated Reports
  • Mobile Device Management: Supports Leading MDM Providers / Mobile Iron, Air Watch & MaaS 360 

Telecom Expense Management (TEM)

Account Management Services: BlueSky can significantly reduce the time and expense associated with even the most complex billing with a range of fixed Telecom services from optimization, auditing and recovery to invoice management and customized reporting. Our contingency-based fixed Telecom services and optimization speak to mid-market and enterprise clients looking to reduce their expenditures, verify contract compliance and recover erroneous billing.Stock Photo 6045717 Big Stack Of Mail Isolated On White

Invoice Management: Organizations of virtually any size can benefit from the strength of our invoice management solutions to gain visibility while reducing mountains of bills into workflows and reporting that are easily managed on a monthly basis. Consolidated billing solutions can even reduce total payments to a single monthly presentment while BlueSky facilitates transactions on your behalf with your carriers, eliminating late payments and ensuring that each paid invoice is fully reviewed and audited.

Customized Reporting: Our customized reports and dashboards are available via BlueSky’s secure online customer portal, or they can be delivered on a scheduled basis to your email inbox. BlueSky can also establish multiple logins to our management portal so that key individuals can access reports on-demand. Instead of the endless volumes of data you currently receive, we break down your information into manageable portions to meet the needs of both technical and non-technical users alike. Key areas of reporting include: Inventory and Asset Management, Spend and Usage, Contract Compliance and Attainment, Scorecards, Account Level Spend, Governance and Customized Reporting.

Carrier Partners

We offer the greatest value to multi-site business or businesses: a distributed enterprise model. With over 20 years of Telecom carrier experience and direct relationships with over 160 global carriers, let BlueSky take the lead and get you Telecom answers and results. BlueSky works closely with an extended network of Valued Carrier Partners. Here are just a few:


Our Value

Stock Photo 14087197 Mad Professor Looking Through Magnifyer

We have over 20 years of working experience in the Telecom industry and a proven method of delivering results and supporting our clients. Understanding the landscape of the changing Telecom world is essential to provide your company the right solutions. It's not just about bandwidth and a product offering anymore. It's about aligning you with the "right' provider and solution that integrates with all aspects of your IT strategy.

Some examples of our benefits, are our tools to see last mile providers at the site level. BlueSky captures the carriers who have fiber, or a specific transport, and who are best equipped to provide the connection and solution. Our relationships with wholesale providers and our overall spend with the carriers enables our clients to get the best rates in the market, bar none. Our average savings on both wireline and wireless services is over 30%!

Solutions are only as good as their delivery and support, and that's where we shine! With our 20,000+ Smart Hands technicians, we assist your IT team to implement the solution without taking your important people out to the field. BlueSky is your lifetime advocate within the carriers for any solution we offer. We assist in MAC's, billing and escalations and offer a 24/7 help desk to support your IT team. We have direct relationships with C level executives at almost all Telecom carriers worldwide, having worked with their operations teams. Many of the Telecom carriers use our Smart Hands services for their installations and break-fix, and thus our knowledge of their operations and connection internally benefits our clients.

We are dedicated and passionate about 100% uptime, communications and support with our clients. We prove it every day!

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  • Channel Partners 360° - 2013 Winner
  • Houston Business Journal Fast 100

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