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Pay only for the computing resources you need by adopting a Cloud strategy that will enable your IT assets to scalable and flexible for your business. Inherent to the Cloud is business continuity, keeping your enterprise running 24/7/365.

The Cloud enables you to increase computing, storage and backup capacity, create new applications, and migrate legacy IT workloads, all on the fly and in real time, without requiring you to invest in new hardware or license new software.

Let's take a minute to review your current operation:

  • Do you have a disaster recovery solution? Have you ever tested it?
  • How are you testing your backup and disaster plans? How often?
  • What is the recovery time of your existing back up and DR plan?
  • How much money would you lose if you could not access your servers for more than an hour? Or day?
  • Are you servers at the end of its technological life? Do you know? What is the costs and risks of replacement?
  • How much are you paying for licenses or other hardware maintenance?

If any of these questions have left you wondering, then the Cloud maybe the answer. BlueSky will help you get the answers you need to start you on your path to a solution. Go to the Cloud with BlueSky IT Partners.

Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery

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IT breaks, right? Business continuity and disaster recovery must be key parts of a company’s overall planning process. With a traditional server, if the hard drive dies or the motherboard gets fried, you could be offline for hours while it is repaired. And there's no guarantee your data will still be intact once it comes back online, so what now?

With the Cloud’s self-healing architecture, extended downtime and data loss is eliminated. All Cloud servers are mirrored across a grid of servers. So when a server fails, the data remains available and any affected Cloud servers are automatically re-deployed elsewhere within minutes.

BlueSky IT Partners takes diligent steps to go through our discovery process to understand your data landscape and capture the exact requirements for your business continuity. We then asses the options and present solutions that fit your comfort zone.

Types of Cloud

In contrast to traditional backup solutions and data restores, the Cloud simply takes a "snapshot" of your entire server, or even a multi-server infrastructure. Should you need to bring your server back to its state when the snapshot was taken, we just shut down your live environment and start up the snapshot, and you're up and running in minutes. It's like having standby servers ready to deploy on-demand--just without the huge expense!

So how do you know what kind cloud is best for your specific environment?  

  • Private Cloud refers to any cloud infrastructure that is operated solely for the usage of a single organization. Although these need not be managed internally in order to be considered private, this is nevertheless often the case. The applications in a private cloud can produce notable performance improvements both on a computing and business level. However, running data centers can be both capital and technology intensive, and being aware of the security issues with relation to the private cloud is still important.

  • Public Cloud occurs when cloud services are offered over a network which, as the name suggests, is readily open for public usage. These are typically offered by large providers, the most commonly recognizable providers being Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure and Digital Ocean. Public cloud services can on occasion be free of charge, but are more frequently offered on a pay-per-usage basis.

  • Hybrid Cloud refers to a composition of two or more different cloud types which remain separate, but are nonetheless bound together ensuring that enterprises can benefit from a variety of cloud deployment models. A simple definition of the hybrid cloud is any cloud computing service composed of a combination of private, public and community cloud services from differing service providers. The security provisions related to the public and private cloud are vastly different, and many business and enterprise clients are opting for the private cloud because of the extra security provisions that it offers. However, those enterprises which require the enhanced security of the private cloud, but also desire some of the functionality of the public cloud, are also opting for a third option.

BlueSky will help determine which "cloud" and what provider is best aligned for your needs and requirements. 

Cloud Security

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Cloud computing security concerns have been cited as the most common reason for businesses to stay away from the Cloud. However, as Cloud computing becomes more popular, it is increasingly clear that the overall feeling of skepticism about Cloud security is unfounded. 

This does not mean that all Cloud computing security concerns are completely baseless. There are genuine Cloud computing security concerns that need to be addressed diligently and the following are some of the most pressing Cloud security issues.

  • Off-site Data Storage: The most obvious security concern to deal with is that data storage is occurring off-site. This is an extremely unusual occurrence in the history of computing, and something similar to pulling teeth in the eyes of the IT manager--but it's not all bad. Selecting the right provider needs to come with extreme diligence. Simply trusting external providers is unwise; actively seek out customer feedback and press any provider on the service that they offer before agreeing to any Cloud service.

  • Cyber-Attacks: Although the Cloud is as secure as traditional information technology systems, the fact remains that any data storage on the Internet is at risk of a cyber-attack. It could be particularly be the case with Cloud storage systems, where vast amounts of data from different companies often stored on the same system. Being aware that this and being prepared is of paramount importance. If data is being stored off-premises, then seeking a reputable company is of critical importance.

  • Government Intrusion: The recent NSA leaks have demonstrated that governments are more than willing to intrude on personal data. This may not be a huge issue for many companies, after all ultimately most company data will be of little interest or concern to the government. However, if confidentiality is a particular issue to the data that you are dealing with, or your enterprise in particular, then seeking out a provider with robust encryption procedures is essential. When storing data privately, seeking out the assistance of IT security experts with regard to encryption and security provisions is equally essential.

It is important to understand all of the security issues and requirements inherent to Cloud technology. BlueSky understands our clients concerns for putting thier data in the Cloud.  We work to assess and address all factors in the Cloud solution, as well as the data migration to the Cloud.

Scalable Services Offered

BlueSky offers a suite of Cloud solutions all designed to increase productivity and create a scalable landscape:

  • Backup Data Recovery
  • Virtual Servers
  • IT Managed Services
  • IaaS / Colocation/ Fully Managed Cloud
  • Microsoft Exchange / Office 360 / Lync
  • Virtual Desktops


The Cloud gives you the flexibility to scale up or down for your ongoing business needs and yearly operating patterns. This enables you to keep your initial operational costs low as you pay only for what you use now, not what you might need to use in the future.

Are You Ready?

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Are you a candidate for the cloud?

If you can answer "yes" to any of the following, then we can help:

  • Need to plan for today, but have the capacity to grow for tomorrow?
  • Need flexible, hybrid service models that include colocation, disaster recovery, and connectivity in one affordable, easy to implement package?
  • Need flexible, managed, secure colocation services?
  • Clients with traditional on-premise or colocation who want to leverage their investment?
  • Need nimble, reliable, human support than is often not available from larger public Cloud providers?
  • Are under pressure to integrate Cloud to on-premises or Cloud-to-Cloud solutions?
  • Have existing VMware deployments and want to connect on-premise VMware to a Private Cloud VMware, for instance?

Better for the Environment

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A Cloud server has a far smaller environmental impact than a traditional server. Analysts IDC estimate that the cost of powering and cooling servers in the U.S. alone is $14 billion per year. Much of this energy is wasted powering underutilized servers.

The Cloud brings much greater levels of efficiency as multiple virtual servers can be provisioned on the same physical hardware. This results in a greatly reduced use of data center space, and consequently a significant reduction in the demand for power and cooling.

Cloud hosting is integral to a greener future for business and computing solutions.

Cloud Providers

BlueSky works with a close network of Valued Cloud Providers that we can leverage for our clients’ virtual infrastructure needs: 

Our Value

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BlueSky can help to create and support your Cloud strategy. Our value is based on our industry experience and relationships with leading Cloud providers. We understand that your IT environment requires a unique solution, and that not all Cloud solutions are the same.

Let BlueSky help you get to the Cloud!


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