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BlueSky’s global network of more than 20,000 skilled field technicians enables companies to scale faster, work smarter and optimize mission-critical IT resources. Read the case studies below to find out how our Smart Hands IT services solve today’s most important IT challenges — at a 98% success rate.

Scaling Point-of-Sale

Challenge: This nationwide retailer needed to implement an point-of-sale (POS) system in more than 600 stores during the holiday season — and during regular store hours. The sites included a mixture of franchised and company-owned locations, making the project’s scope difficult to define and requiring BlueSky to work through any unplanned obstacles.

Solutions: BlueSky field technicians installed all 600 sites in just 35 business days, troubleshooting and navigating critical infrastructure issues on a site-by-site basis.

  • POS installation and deployment
  • Wire management
  • Data drops
  • Printer testing
  • Network troubleshooting
  • Project management

Impact: By completing essential POS upgrades in more than 600 sites, BlueSky helped the retailer improve its customer experience and capture crucial holiday revenue.

Refocusing IT for Growth

Challenge: This global consumer electronics and wireless services retailer came to BlueSky for help opening new stores. With 6,600 worldwide locations to support, the company had to stretch its own IT resources every time it opened a new store, costing thousands in travel and inefficiencies. Our task: install equipment in 140 new stores without slowing down the company’s growth plans.

Solution: BlueSky proved the value of having a global network of 20,000 field technicians, installing and deploying equipment in all 140 sites in three months.

  • Device installation
  • Network testing/turn-up
  • Cabling
  • Store openings
  • Project management

Impact: Leveraging BlueSky’s fast, flexible network of technicians freed up the client to focus on business and IT strategy. We are now assisting our retailer in opening new stores and supporting the existing footprint.

Making IT Management More Profitable

Challenge: This investment banking firm had previously contracted with a national field services company to support infrastructure needs at its 46 offices. The problem: the client still had to send out its own IT staff to handle any network-related issues. The client sought out BlueSky as a complete IT partner, enlisting us for wire and infrastructure installation at all 46 sites as well as day-to-day network troubleshooting and desktop support.

Solution: BlueSky deployed certified local technicians same-day or next-day, depending on the client’s need and the location of the site. We completed tickets across multiple sites each week in the following scope areas:

  • Desktop install/swap/troubleshoot
  • Printer install/troubleshoot
  • Equipment inventory/office move
  • Router install/swap/troubleshoot
  • Telephone install/swap/troubleshoot
  • Cable run/repair/troubleshoot

Impact: BlueSky became a true extension of the client’s team — our responsive field technicians and real-time ticketing system allowed IT managers to track onsite activity and be more productive.

Connecting Better Decisions with Better Data

Challenge: In the real estate market, companies must often choose between signing on a property quickly and taking the time to accurately assess the amount of IT work needed. This fast-growing regional mortgage company came to BlueSky in need of a nationwide partner to assist with site surveys and scope for potential properties.

Solution: BlueSky deployed experienced field technicians to conduct site surveys at prospective properties across the country, providing in-depth property information as well as IT cost analysis for moving into the location.

  • Site surveys
  • Project management

Impact: Our site survey data allowed the company’s real estate group to make better decisions, revealing sites that were not up to code or that would require IT costs outside the target budget — saving the client millions in the process.

Raising the Bar for IT Field Services

Challenge: Outsourced field technicians delivered consistently mediocre results for this national telecom carrier. The client had to constantly follow-up on technical mistakes and incorrect or padded billing, and only 50-70% first-dispatch ticket completion. The carrier tasked BlueSky with improving service and efficiency in addition to completing a large end-of-year project, consisting of more than 1200 sites.

Solution: With real-time ticketing and direct, error-free billing, BlueSky increased the carrier’s dispatch completion rate to 98% on all first-time tickets and completed all 1200 sites in half the time — just 45 days.

  • Skilled and accountable technicians
  • Real-time reporting tools
  • Project management

Impact: BlueSky became an extension of the carrier’s project management and operations teams, increasing accountability for technicians on-site. Through this engagement, we also recommended internal process changes that continue to help the client’s teams work more efficiently.

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