Defending Data Against Disaster

Challenge: This 500-person medical manufacturer utilized four Dell servers to run its ERP applications, each of which cost $250,000. Given the extended time frame to get each server up and running, the company knew a disaster recovery plan was essential should anything go wrong — but with strict FDA regulatory guidelines to adhere to, data backups had to comply with the highest security standards.

Solution: BlueSky facilitated the implementation of a cloud-based disaster recovery product, including the installation of “shadow servers” to each production server and a backup of the company’s data within a secure storage area network.

  • Disaster recovery solution with failover
  • Installation of shadow servers
  • Data backups

Impact: BlueSky helped our client comply with FDA guidelines and protect its data via secure infrastructure — all at a monthly charge of just one tenth of the cost of a new Dell server. The company is now increasing its bandwidth to support the data that requires replication, and plans to move its production servers into the cloud over time.

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