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To keep your business running smoothly, you need IT solutions that drive greater efficiency, aligned with data security; BlueSky delivers both. From cloud desktops to application and hosting services, our cloud strategies offer a cost-effective way to secure your data. Explore the case studies below to learn how we can help you improve your operational efficiency through powerful cloud technology.

Streamlining the Help Desk Process

Challenge: An outdated Help Desk solution and ineffective management system made it difficult for this hospice to provide timely, reliable support to end users. The company had to choose between hiring additional after-hours user support or adopting a cloud-based platform that could streamline the help ticket process — all while complying with stringent data security regulations.

Solution: BlueSky moved 400 client terminals located across the company’s head office and 12 branches to a secure, cloud-based desktop solution.

  • Streamlined Help Desk solution
  • 24/7 MPLS monitoring and management
  • Process development and implementation
  • On-site desktop support
  • Administration of IT hardware acquisitions

Impact: BlueSky helped our client implement a single point of integration, reducing desktop management costs, increasing their application security and extending their client terminal life cycles — all of which led to an overall improvement in productivity across the hospice’s support team.

Increasing Data Mobility for Greater Efficiency

Challenge: This regional shipping company relied on a single IT manager for user support and data backups — but with his days tied up handling desktop support for break fix, time and money were on the line. What’s more, data backups were being stored in a filing cabinet in the company’s server room. BlueSky was brought in to implement a more efficient cloud office solution in conjunction with the company’s ongoing desktop and server upgrades.

Solution: By identifying a leading provider to virtualize the company’s desktops, we allowed the company’s IT manager to easily define and manage IT rules for the environment while offsetting some of the funds reserved for desktop replacement. In addition, the client benefited from the creation of an off-site data backup solution and VDI-loaded tablets, which afforded them greater data mobility and security.

  • Virtual desktop infrastructure
  • Off-site data backup

Impact: BlueSky’s cloud office solution created a single IT access point while enhancing data mobility and security — and freeing up the company’s IT manager to get back to providing full-time user support.

Defending Data Against Disaster

Challenge: This 500-person medical manufacturer utilized four Dell servers to run its ERP applications, each of which cost $250,000. Given the extended time frame to get each server up and running, the company knew a disaster recovery plan was essential should anything go wrong — but with strict FDA regulatory guidelines to adhere to, data backups had to comply with the highest security standards.

Solution: BlueSky facilitated the implementation of a cloud-based disaster recovery product, including the installation of “shadow servers” to each production server and a backup of the company’s data within a secure storage area network.

  • Disaster recovery solution with failover
  • Installation of shadow servers
  • Data backups

Impact: BlueSky helped our client comply with FDA guidelines and protect its data via secure infrastructure — all at a monthly charge of just one tenth of the cost of a new Dell server. The company is now increasing its bandwidth to support the data that requires replication, and plans to move its production servers into the cloud over time.

Optimizing WAN to Improve Efficiency

Challenge: This artificial lift equipment manufacturer specializes in innovative technologies to retrieve natural resources from oil fields — but with more than 150 corporate sites, each requiring unique VPN tunnels, accessing centrally hosted corporate resources was anything but efficient for their team.

Solution: BlueSky worked closely with the client and a leading provider of cloud-based WAN technologies to develop parameters for a centralized WAN solution that would facilitate online access to corporate applications from any of the company’s locations.

  • WAN optimization-as-a-service

Impact: Our WAN solution delivered an enterprise-grade connection with built-in diversity and redundancy — and allowed for up to 90% compression across our client’s applications — for optimized connectivity from every location.

Increasing Connectivity to Improve Business

Challenge: As one of the oil and gas industry’s top suppliers of offshore drilling equipment, our client delivered production solutions to companies around the globe — but slow data transfers and poor connectivity to South America were making it difficult to stay on top of business.

Solution: BlueSky performed a comprehensive audit of our client’s business needs and identified a customized WAN solution that would enhance connectivity to South America while decreasing the impact of heavy network traffic.

  • WAN optimization-as-a-service
  • QOS and traffic shaping
  • Data replication

Impact: With enhanced connectivity and improved bandwidth management, our client could continue to develop its South American business line at a substantially reduced impact to their network.

Protecting Data and Streamlining Operations

Challenge: With over 3000 global employees and more than $160 million in annual revenue, this manufacturing giant develops solutions to protect oil and gas, chemical/petrochemical, mining and pharmaceutical companies from the risks of working with hazardous substances. However, their reliance on Microsoft Office 365 was creating serious data slowdowns and high packet loss with data traffic between the US and Shanghai. For this safety-focused company, security had become a chief concern.

Solution: Following an in-depth review of our client’s unique business requirements, we facilitated the implementation of a robust WAN solution that optimized their global data connectivity and eliminated packet loss.

  • WAN optimization-as-a-service

Impact: For our client, stable, consistent data performance let them worry less about the security of their own operations and get back to delivering safe solutions for their own customers.

Reducing Bandwidth for Improved Global Performance

Challenge: This consulting company specializes in precision surveying solutions for infrastructure and commercial construction firms. Their clients include companies in the oil and gas, mining, petrochemical, civil engineering, property development and construction industries. With several locations around the world, data performance was critical — but with a lackluster MPLS solution in place and limited potential to scale to Office365, our client was having major problems with traffic to and from China.

Solution: BlueSky conducted an extensive audit of our clients’ data requirements, then connected them with a robust solution to improve bandwidth and application performance.

  • WAN optimization-as-a-service

Impact: This WAN optimization solution reduced data more than 90% across all of our client’s applications, saving 2 mbps in peak bandwidth in the process. What’s more, our client experienced up to 9.5x faster TCP connection setup — and their end users enjoyed up to 4x speedier end use application performance, for greater efficiency across every area of their business.

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