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We are experts in Telecom services ready to cut through the complexity and provide our clients with the right level of Telecom services. See below for examples across all industry segments of our ability to save you money, reduce the complexity and ensure that you have the services that are right for your operation.

Global Enterprise Customer

Challenge: A global enterprise customer was tired of the slow response (3 weeks) and lack of concern from their current tier 1 Telecom carrier. With 3 people running the IT department in a billion dollar plus corporation, they did not have time for the run-around. The client wanted to move away from their MPLS network and carrier control to “Big Bandwidth” and managing their global network through a combination of direct internet and private line. They were concerned about the consolidation of Telecom carriers, undesirable service and global locations in hard to reach places—in came BlueSky! Our task was to provide the best options, manage the RFP process, install the solution and support with billing and escalations throughout the term. BlueSky presented 7 top tier carriers, as well as a wholesale provider who specializes in global reach. The wholesale solution was 40% less cost than the traditional carriers, because of their direct relationship with the local CLEC provider in the global market space.

Results: The difference for the costs was 150k monthly cost vs. 90k month cost. A 50k per month delta in savings. We also increased the bandwidth 6x across all sites. In addition, we were able to install global sites in less than 36 business days. Our final solution was amazing!

Regional Oil & Gas Risk Management Company

Challenge: A regional oil and gas risk management company was looking for scalable IT solutions. They have 27 offices located inside their client’s facilities. They needed to be able to turn on/off unified voice and data as well as send large files that require large bandwidth—in came BlueSky!

Results: BlueSky offered a wireless 4G solution, integrated Lync services with hosted voice, back-up cloud services for DR and storage, and dedicated internet services.

Global Property Management Company

Challenge: A global property management company had a BIG challenge. Their MPLS Telecom carrier contract was expiring June 30 and it was April 15!  Each of their 87 properties were individually owned/managed, and the property management company needed more autonomy and control for their sites. Their requirement was to have the best fiber and last mile provider for each site which would mean managing multiple carriers, both pre and post install.  Also, they needed to provide back-up solutions for redundancy as an option per site. Lastly, they were looking for a partner to help turn up several sites, as the site managers were not technical—in came BlueSky! With our fiber locator map, we could identify the fiber and last mile carriers per site and send out the request for bid. BlueSky quoted over 9 carriers per site with 5 different technologies options (FOC, EOC, broadband, cable and wireless). Each property then selected the carrier and solution they wanted to use.

Results: From the first meeting with management in April to the network completion in June, BlueSky was able to implement 87 sites with 12 different carriers, plus data center build in 50 business days. We also helped 47 sites with our national “smart hands” field services in turning up the service. We increased bandwidth by 10x, kept costs at current levels and continue to support sites for escalations. We clearly exceeded our clients’ expectations!

National Waste Management Company

Challenge: A national waste management company had to get their vendor management and costs in control. They were struggling to manage 40 Telecom carriers and implement a TEM solution—in came BlueSky!  Our client portal allows for MACS and trouble ticket reporting. We will integrate our portal and data into their TEM solution. There is no cost to use the portal and it is a true one-stop solution.

Results: BlueSky’s resolution allowed our client to save 25% with only a billing change for POTS lines, as well as provide wholesale rates for their other Telecom services under ONE real-time portal. BlueSky is providing not only hard dollar savings of thousands, but soft dollar savings for AP and procurement, as well as in their Telecom group. 

National Oil & Gas Tool Manufacturing Company

Challenge: A national oil and gas tool manufacturing company was overrun with the cell phone charges and devise management. They knew there must be a better way to manage their plans and their carriers, but the expense management companies they had spoken with were too expensive—in came BlueSky!  Since our business model is based on results and payment based on savings, BlueSky was the clear choice. Our mobile platform will not only address all billing errors across carriers, but will offer on-going optimization, reporting, 24/7 help desk, and mobile device management.

Results: We are taking the dialing and management of the devices, so their Telecom admin can help with the UC initiatives. Our solution will re-purpose talent and save more than the cost of administration for cellular services; the solution will allow another employees to have personal growth and add more value to their company. 

Global Provider of Marine Equipment & Logistics Services

Challenge: A global provider of marine transportation equipment and logistics service was trying to get a handle on their Telecom costs. They had been focused on strategic growth and management, and did not have the cycles to read the 100 pages from their Telecom bill each month. They admitted they would not have understood half of the jargon even if they had the time—in came BlueSky! First step was to gather all the data, and work together with their current tier 1 provider.

Results: In the process of review 40 different carrier accounts, with a total of 100k + MRC, we found a savings of 20% in incorrect billing, taxes, and changes for sites and services that had been disconnected.

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