Our proven results with Telecom carriers, partners/MSP's, mid-market and enterprise clients, providing amazing results in less time for less cost than our competitors, are the reason for our success!

BlueSky IT Partners is a dynamic IT resource management company that focuses on the definition and deployment management of IP-based network infrastructure and solutions.  BlueSky combines technical expertise, seasoned management, Web-based technology and national IT talent to deliver products on schedule and within budget. BlueSky offers a comprehensive approach to its clients’ technological challenges. After a thorough analysis of current contracts, technologies and business goals, BlueSky combines technical proficiency with business savvy to provide best-of-breed solutions that are ideal for the current landscape, with the ability to navigate the road ahead.

"BlueSky IT Partners still believes that the most important attribute a business can supply is delivering a dependable and high quality service, done right the first time."

Meg Toups, Founder and Chief Executive Officer 


BlueSky IT Partners was started in 2008 to support Enterprise and Mid-market companies during the recession. These companies had been laying off in-house IT resources, but still needed support in an expanding array of technologies.

At that time, infrastructure trends were starting to move away from dedicated data centers and premised-based hardware to cloud-based solutions. Cloud offerings were beginning to be more accepted and adopted by companies as real options for their IT requirements. This collision brought on a shift in the technological needs and how businesses were to support those technologies after they were implemented.  In addition, companies came across the constant challenge of finding the right technical expertise to support these new technologies. 

To make matters worse, on the Telecom side of IT, the established carriers began increasing the variety of their solutions and many new carriers entered the market with "me-too" products and solutions, thus creating confusion.  Recognizing these trends and business challenges, BlueSky IT Partners was formed to supply quality technical services and consulting in three primary areas: IT field services, Telecom and Cloud consulting and solutions.

Today, BlueSky IT Partners has grown into a 5 million dollar company, and has employees across all time zones. Our clients are Telecom carriers, integrators/VARS, and mid-market and global enterprise companies. 

Company Experience

Along with numerous vendor certifications from Cisco, Dell, HP, Microsoft and others, BlueSky is certified as a Woman Business Enterprise through the National Women Business Owners Corp. (NWBOC) enabling us to serve government and publicly traded companies. BlueSky IT Partners had performed thousands of dispatches and installations on a national and global scale, over multiple technologies. BlueSky has also serviced enterprise and mid-market clients for several Telecom and cloud solutions, through our Full Life Cycle Management and support model.

Products & Services

BlueSky takes a holistic approach to IT for voice and data solutions, hosted VoIP services, mobility and field services. Our core competencies include IT consulting and national field service delivery. Our Smart Hands, or field services uses a network of technicians to extend our client's IT departments to manage multisite IT projects, installations, rollouts or technology refreshes.

Our Valued Partners

We offer the greatest value to businesses with multi-site or businesses that operate a distributed enterprise model. Over 50% of our business is sold through our value added partners, VARs and Integrators. We become an extension of your team, to help you sell your core business while we support the implementation and on-going support.  Our national field services, or Smart Hands, can augment your IT staff anywhere, help you navigate the course on when to migrate and leverage the Cloud and bring new clarity and cost savings to your current Telecom solutions. Take a look below at some of our partners who use our services for their clients! 


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